After Sale

After-sales return policy


In order to guarantee you have a happy shopping experience, please check whether the package is damaged before signing the order, whether the products in the package are intact. If you find any problems with the goods, you can apply for the return service within 3 days after you signed for your parcel. 

(ii)Items that cannot be returned

Please note we will not accept after sale :

1. Products not purchased from COMBINE (order ACCOUNT numbers does not match);

2. Unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, into the liquid, accident, alteration, product quality problems caused by improper installation, or torn, altered labels of machine serial number or anti-counterfeiting mark;

3. The warranty card does not match the product and was altered.

(iii) Product integrity standards

The customer shall ensure that the returned product and related accessories (such as tag, manual, warranty card, network card, etc.) are complete, and maintain the original quality, function, no damage, mal-operation, anti-counterfeiting, and activation ( In the case of authorization, etc., there are no signs of use of the appearance of the original, and unreasonable use of personal data.